About me


Igor Vasilyev



Was born at Ebenrode (former Germany)/now Nesterov (Russia) in 1966. Live and work in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Participant in the artistic associations :  Institute of new  Photography(1990),  Photo Postscriptum(1993)



Loupe- Saray gallery, Akchmatova museum,St. Petersburg, 2013

Impostor  Syndrome- [BIKTSIM], Nevskiy 20, St. Petersburg, 2009

Corrupted  Files One gallery, St. Petersburg, 2008 

Ultimate Symmetry- St. Petersburg  International  Rotary Club, St. Petersburg, 2007 

Insignificant  Uncertainty - [SPBGU], St. Petersburg, 2007 

Dino babiesPhoto imagegallery, St. Petersburg, 2007 

Spekulatius21gallery, St. Petersburg, 1994 

Selected WorksSimulacriumgallery,Mainz, 1994 

Selected Works-  Brotfabrik gallery , Berlin, 1993 


Group exhibitions 

KAUNAS PHOTO 2012 central exhibition - KAUNAS PHOTO festival 2012

Notes from the Overpass-St Petersburg-Los Angeles -  Galleriet G18, Helsinki,2007

 From Petersburg with Love Mitenkov Housephotography museum, Ekaterinburg, 2007 

Petersburg photo-archaeology- gallery “on [Kashirke]” photo-Biennale, Moscow 1996 

Photo-archeology- Bratislava, the festival of photography, 1995 

The Latest Photo Art from Russia - Karlsruhe- Frankfurt- Duesseldorf- Hannover- Gerten, 1995

Self-identification- Kiel- Berlin- Oslo- Sopot- St. Petersburg, 1994

Photo Postscriptum - Russian museum, St. Petersburg, 1993  

Institute of new photography, 1990


Works are in  collections: Russian museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia), The Navigator Foundation (Boston, USA) Free Culture Foundation (Saint Petersburg, Russia)